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Default Re: Trade Rumour - Raps and Lakers

Originally Posted by Cermet
I heard the wolves offered Pekovic and Derrick Williams if I was the lakers I would take that offer.
People forget that Pekovic is good.

pekovic is great. but wouldnt work in MDA's offense nor would he look comfortable next to dwight. Two big bodies that take up the paint.

If atl is interested, La should accept the minny deal, but instead use atl as a 3rd team (trade pek and dwill to the hawks) and take back josh smith

minny gets what they want

atl gets a legit center to pair up with horford in the front court. theyd easily become one of the best front courts in the east

la gets a player who can run in mda's system but more importantly, they get a player who can provide great D next to howard. not to mention, this would keep howard happy throughout the season.
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