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Originally Posted by TheFan
what makes Jordan the GOAT is the combination of skills and accolades... lets forget about the accolades and compare the players one on one.
Pippen was maybe a better rebounder and defender. Jordan is literally better at EVERYTHING else.
Originally Posted by tpols
Yea but they replaced Jordan with pete myers.. a nobody.

If you replace scottie pippen with some no name small forward from 91-93 he probably doesnt win anything. What was MJ doing before Scottie broke out? Putting up insane numbers and losing. People dont want to admit it but Pippen was a force on the court.. not as good individually as Michael, but was a better team player that made the whole team run smoother which is never accounted for on this site. Just PER and fg and ppg.. all that matters I guess.
How are you supposed to win with Charles Oakley as the 2nd best player on your team (by far) going against one of the greatest teams of all time? This thread is a classic example of people primarily looking at team success to compare players not realizing that there are other factors that contribute to wins and losses besides one player.
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