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Default Re: NFC East Trash Talk Thread

Originally Posted by MK2V1GP
That's it?

All TB needs is a CB. Look for the Bucs to make a run next year. Everyone's busy making excuses for the Cowboys and Eagles b/c of their injuries, but the Bucs have more players on IR than any other team, yet no one's making excuses for them.

If they add a CB or 2 in the offseason, get Joseph, Nicks and Clayborn healthy next year, they could make a real run.

Y'all have a bright future but you are NOT fckin with WSH the next 5 years for the playoffs or anything. If we do see u in the playoffs, it's gunna be a home game for Shanahan RG Rak and Fro Mo

And yes, we all know prime is a tard. It's like he acts as if having a good offensive line is a matter of acquiring a player in FA or something... Haha first of all they have like the worst C ever in Cook.It all starts at that position for the unit as far as holding ground and not letting the interior get blown up. Bad center, ppl are gunna need to overcompensate and it ruins the whole shit.

You need your guys to develop chemistry and gel as a cohesive unit, which takes time. Eagles fans know this all too well with having talent (that DAL doesn't have) and still needing their guys to work together. Intangibles as well as playing and knowing the guy next to you. Then u need depth because in the trenches, guys get hurt and miss time.

PT needs to tell Jerry Jones to call an agent like Rosenhaus and saying, " Hey uh, yea I'm drunk like always. We need to sign your best offensive line. Guaranteed contract!!!"

Cook, weak. Free, weak.

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