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Originally Posted by TheFan
what makes Jordan the GOAT is the combination of skills and accolades... lets forget about the accolades and compare the players one on one.

Jordan was the better and more efficient scorer. And he is the all time leader in PPG. He was the better driver, the better finisher, the better mid range jump shooter, and better free throw shooter. With the shorten 3pt line, Jordan was the better 3pt shooter. Without the shorten 3pt, Jordan actually was still the better 3pt shooter when he actually shot at it. Pippen never had a better percentage at the 3pt line than Jordan in 90 or 93. Jordan also had the better career 3pt percentage oddly enough.

Jordan was the better post up player, off the ball player, better footwork, and harder to stop defensively. Teams set up defensive schemes just to stop him. They would double team him way more often than Pippen just to get the balls out of his hand. They would rather Pippen beat him than Jordan.

Jordan may have been better one on one defender than Pippen was during the 1st threpeat, but Pippen was more versatile. He was quicker and had better reflexes and play the passing lane a bit better than Pippen. Jordan is third time all leader in steals with 2514 steals. Only Kidd and Stockton are above him. Pippen is sixth.

Jordan was also an underrated passer. Pippen was the more willing passer and better team player. I think Jordan passing ability was better, but both of them are good playmakers.

One on one, no question that Jordan is better. Jordan is much better on the offensive end than Pippen. Defensively, Pippen was more versatile. Pippen was also the better rebounder. But I don't think there is any argument to say that Pippen was better than Jordan individually. What separates them completely is that Jordan was much better offensively. Pippen never scoring ability that Jordan have nor was he ever as efficient as him.
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