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Originally Posted by KG215
How so? How as Pippen most definitely a better team player? Because he deferred to Jordan? What is it that definitively made Pippen a better team player?
Pippen looked to involve his teammates and get them good looks constantly.. that was his mentality. He would handle the ball, shift the defense, and make the fundamental pass to an open man. Pippen had Magic's mindset and style with less talent and flair.

Jordan COULD get his teammates going but watching him he would just carve defenses and looks for his own, passing it only when everyone collapsed on him. Jordan was a great passer, high IQ, etc. but he cared more about individually dominating and imposing his own will than getting looks for his teammate.

Jordan would scream at you if you missed an open shot off his pass because that was an opportunity he couldve taken that he gave to you. Pippen wouldnt because he wanted to give you the ball in a position for you to shoot. He was a facilitator.. and pippens team defense was better as well.
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