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Originally Posted by TheFan
am i the only person on the world that think Jordan and Pippen are equal in terms of talent?

From my point of view the only thing Jordan has on Pippen is the alpha mentality and a better jumpshot then Pippen is a better 3pt shooter(Portland days) and better defender then everything else is debatable...

It seems that the consensus is Jordan >>>>>> Pippen... but since i grew up and watched more and more Pippen videos, it seems that Pippen was a good as Jordan... whats your opinion?

If you define players by their roles and what they can do outside of their roles, I could listen to the argument that Pippen was equal to or better than MJ. But in terms of a championship piece... superstar leader... no. Pippen was the best 2nd guy ever. People think that's an insult, but no... it's not. That means you could put him alongside any other all-time star and he'd thrive.

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