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Originally Posted by tpols
Pippen looked to involve his teammates and get them good looks constantly.. that was his mentality. He would handle the ball, shift the defense, and make the fundamental pass to an open man. Pippen had Magic's mindset and style with less talent and flair.

Jordan COULD get his teammates going but watching him he would just carve defenses and looks for his own, passing it only when everyone collapsed on him. Jordan was a great passer, high IQ, etc. but he cared more about individually dominating and imposing his own will than getting looks for his teammate.

Jordan would scream at you if you missed an open shot off his pass because that was an opportunity he couldve taken that he gave to you. Pippen wouldnt because he wanted to give you the ball in a position for you to shoot. He was a facilitator.. and pippens team defense was better as well.

Pretty much summed up by his teammates and coach...

"Tremendous teammate, that's what comes to mind when I think of Scottie Pippen. He was a very caring teammate who was always concerned about the team, always concerned about it. He just had a great understanding of the team concept. Everyone talks about a great teammate, but he really was a great guy to play with. He may have been having a 25 or 30-point game, but if he knew you were struggling, he'd find a way to get you going as well. He's that type of guy." - BJ Armstrong

"Scottie is one of the best teammates I've ever had. Everyone loves him. He's so unselfish the way he plays and plays so hard. He knows where you'll be and where you want the ball for a shot. And he'll consciously try to get you shots. He'll be aware when you're struggling in a game, or when you've gone awhile without a shot. He would run by and say, "I know you haven't gotten a shot. Don't worry. Next time, I'll get you one." He cares about everyone like no star I've ever played with." - Steve Kerr

Scottie was not only a great player, but a great teammate as well. He was unselfish on the floor and encouraged his teammates to be aggressive and positive out there. Scottie was the type of guy that if you missed four or five shots, he wouldn't hesitate to give you the ball when you were open again. He did it because not only was it the right basketball play, but to show you his confidence in your ability - John Paxson

He was very helpful and never derogatory. I was a new guy. I wasn’t even supposed to be on the team. But he was willing to help me out in practice when we were learning plays or working on the best way to cover a guy. He was able to talk to me without giving the impression like I was below him. He really wanted me to succeed and do well because that made him better. Scottie made everyone better because he was unselfish. He’d move the ball to the right spot. He had such a great basketball mind and really understood what was happening on the floor. He was always willing to help out his teammates and make them better. Here you got a guy who was a phenomenal basketball player, could kick on the court - anyone's butt, and he's sacrificing his game for the betterment of the team. So how could I go out there and say, hey, I want more shots? You can't. You have to fall in line. It really makes everyone understand what the ultimate goal is. To win.
- Bill Wennington

He was the most popular teammate we had. You could laugh with him and joke and he wasn't the kind of guy who got mad. He was a fun teammate, fun to be around and always cared about everyone. If you had a problem, you could always talk it out with him. And he loved the game and the team. He was unselfish, but unselfish to a fault. We knew when he had the ball he was going to make a play and score or find the open guy.
- Horace Grant

His greatest strength was his knowledge of how things worked on the defensive end of the floor. Scottie was the voice of our team—figuratively and literally, as he did a lot of the talking and kept our team on the same page. When he wasn’t at the top of the key harassing a guard as a special assignment, he was on the backside of our defense talking his teammates through different situations, whether it was a double team, trap or some other important aspect. Because of that, he was very vital to the run that we made.
- Phil Jackson

He was probably the player most liked by others. He mingled. He brought out the best in players and communicated the best. Leadership, real leadership is one of his strengths. Everybody says Michael was a great leader. He led by example, by rebuke, by harsh words. Scottie's leadership was equally dominant, but a leadership of patting on the back, of support.
- Phil Jackson
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