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Default Re: Trade Rumour - Raps and Lakers

This deal would only make sense if the Raps plan to flip Gasol in the off-season to get younger. A 32-year old Gasol on this roster makes no sense. I'd rather have Gasol then AB, who clearly has worn out his welcome at this point, but not really at the expense of a full rebuild. I'm tired of the patch-work mediocre mentality. This ship to needs to be blown up.

Those who think AB still has potential are kidding themselves. He is what he is. A one dimensional player, who'll show flashes brilliance offensively, but is content to mainly just jack-up jumpers for better or worse. Plus, he doesn't rebound.

All that being said, he would probably flourish under MDA's system. Kobe would light a fire under-him as well.

Best thing about this is that BC does appear to be willing to part with AB, which I didn't think was possible.
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