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Default Re: 15 Games You All Will Probably Get (in 2013)

Originally Posted by Rose
I'd rank the games as the following

Only Must have: Last of Us
Probably will pre-order, or purchase after a 5-10 drop off: Watch Dogs
Interested in but not really anticipating: GTA V, Rainbow Six(I don't think this comes out next year), Beyond Two Souls could be here too. with Cliffy B leaving Gears I'm less interested in it, but will probably get it eventually.

games I want to be good but don't know for sure if they can bring me back into them, so will probably not buy: Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell. Bioshock especially falls in this category after so many delays. I WANT it to be great again, but 2 completely made me not pre-order this one, especially with their lame pre-order bonuses

Honestly for me 2013 is shaping up to be fairly disappointing. This year had so many great trilogies ending: Uncharted, Gears, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed. The start of a new Halo one, which was disappointing IMO. 2012>>>>

Man Sony is really starting to launch some new exclusives good on them. I may make my switch next year depending on how well they do their games.

Completely disagree.
GTA V, The Last of Us, Blacklist & Tomb Raider alone will annihilate any title released this past year. Honestly what was the biggest name to drop in 2012? Halo 4, BlackOps 2 and AC 3? I can't even recall.

Games like GTA V, The Last of Us, Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider have a chance to be the cream of the crop titles. All are AAA games. I am so confused as to how 2012 was better.

God of War is a monumental trilogy, same with Gears of War. Tomb Raider just looks spectacular. Then you have ambitious titles like Two Souls and Remember Me. I know Ground Zeroes and Agent (if released this year) will be revolutionary titles. Then you have possibly the most anticipated title of all-time (for modern consoles) in GTA V. The Last of Us being a strong GOTY candidate and is developed by the same team that (in my opinion) already created the best game of All-Time (U2 & U3). Patriots looks phenomenal as a shooter due to its incredible animations & Blacklist looks like the most fun Splinter Cell game to date.

Then you have another AAA game in Dead Space; Metro & BioShock.
Come on dude, you're joking right?
You have three of the most succesful trilogies in modern gaming history releasing a new title; plus Rockstar dropping two titles and Naughty Dog releasing a game. That alone triumphs anything 2012 has done.

Honestly, I bought Absolution, NBA 2K13, AC 3, Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 this year. I have never bought so few games. They were all great but nothing spectacular. Certainly none of them were on Skyrim, Uncharted 3 or Arkham City's level of 2011.
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