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Default Re: Second worst team in the league

They are still making money... So whats wrong?

Put out a product that doesnt take that much effort to put together and you still have support? That my friend is the DREAM. I'm not gonna even try and figure why people would waste 2-3 hours of their lives going to games and watching this team year after year after year. Like seriously... mcgurie? anderson? gray? fields? lucas? quincy? All these random contract extensions for questionable terms? Does that even look like a front office or owners that gives two s***s about winning?

This franchise has mailed it in, and that was years ago. Its strange that I am realizing this now. Look at the body of work this franchise has done since VC was traded. Can you honestly say it was more circumstantial or things beyond their control instead of effort, patience and taking time to research? BC or no BC this franchise sucks. Its time to wake up people and stop wasting your time watching this crap.

I know I'm done.

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