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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Originally Posted by Sakkreth
Yeah that's quite sick. What do you think about new balance patch that just hit, it's right in time before proleague start aswell.

I've been really busy and haven't played in a very long time... i actually just started watching again recently. Building a new PC so I can play some games I've been missing out on that came out this year

I think the patch is good so far. I hated those major patches blizzard would do that would attempt to fix things and completely mess up other parts of the game. I like the minor/tweaking cautious approach. Hopefully PvZ improves. Watching the past tournaments, PvZ was awful. It was the same damn builds every time.

Can't wait for Proleague to start. EG-TL very strong on paper but the problem is throughout the year players will be coming in and leaving Korea so they may never have a consistent lineup. Hopefully they still do well. Hoping my fav player PuMa gets back to form.

All the news this past week... just insane. Very sad to hear about Quantic disbanding. Living in the US I support American teams. I wish EG teamed up with Quantic for proleague instead if that would somehow by miracle keep Quantic alive... oh well, I guess that's business
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