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Default Re: Can anyone tell me what's going on with Heat's defense this season?

1. In their starting lineup Lebron is their most efficient player defending, rebounding and boxing out Centers/PowerForwards.... yep... They are undersized like hell, the tallest guy they have there in the lineup is a soft PF in Bosh who is horrible defensively & a bad rebounder/hustle guy imo...

2. Because of the above, players are forced to help the paint from the constantly penetrating perimeter players or from the true opposing Centers creating an instant mismatch.... opening up wideopen shooters for opponents every single time.... now they are forced to run around trying to contest/cut the open shots.... but with good ballmovement you can repeat everything..... even if you miss the open shot you still have advantage for the offensive rebounds due to Miamis small lineup........

3. Lebron is their only consistantly good defender... a guy who is running around like a headless chicken defensively trying to help everybody/everything and trying to guard ALL positions (but the problem is he cant guard all 5 at the same time)....... Battier is good sometimes, but limited (and undersized, they desperately use him to guard PFs).... Joel Anthony is good sometimes to, but is also another undersized guy not any bigger than Lebron and is a huge liability offensively, therefore not used much... The rest of the squad is just not good enough... to lazy...... and to undersized...

4. Effort, Effort, Effort.

5. Did i mention undersized?

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