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Default Re: Can anyone tell me what's going on with Heat's defense this season?

Wade's lack of effort rubs off on others.

And seriously like only 2 players touch the ball 90% of the time per possession. Lebron and his shooter of choice. No one's really involve so why make the extra effort on defense?

They miss Joel Anthony and his transition defense by sprinting the floor. Plus his blocked shots gives them an opportunity for a Wade/Lebron fast break. I'm gonna say Bosh at the center doesn't even give them a rebounding advantage over Anthony. Bosh is there to bring the opposing center outside the paint? Like really? No one drives to the hoop anymore besides Wade and you know he's inconsistent. Needs to lose weight I think. Lebron only gets a half-court layup/dunk attempt like once or twice a game.

Lebron and Wade needs to play their post game like 50% of the possessions. Wade murdered JKidd in the finals down low. Only saw him go at it like once maybe twice on the block.
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