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Default Re: 2012/2013 UEFA Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by LJJ
Lmao, all Chelsea fans on this site coming with that substance. They think Chelsea is the best, but have no understanding or idea at all why they think Chelsea is the best. They don't know why they even like Chelsea, they don't know why they think Chelsea is good, they just think it is.

Look, being a supporter of a team is nice, but you guys are devoid of a personal identity and don't have the ability to think in anything other than color.

You used Chelsea not making the knockout stage as a reason to call them 'not a top 20 team in Europe'. So by your logic, I have every right to call them the best last season. You're the one that's lacking substance and actually started that reasoning.

You're an idiot of epic proportions. Why people like Chelsea? Why they think they're good? What kind of bumbling idiot are you? Keep your nonsensical bullshit out of this thread.
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