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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by bluechox2
felton impressed me, though i still dont think he can play like this consistently but he really dug deep to give us a great performance last night and orchestrated the offense beautifully with JKidd

anyone know if melo will suit up for the chicago game?

he shud have a good 2 days to let his finger heal

Felton wo't be THIS good every night. He's an average PG. But as I said before, he always plays with the confidence of an elite PG. That's what we were missing with Lin. Things were all fineanddandy when we were playing a bad team or a team without a PG, but when it came down to the big time games or the ames against big time PG's, our back court was non existent. Felton plays with a chip on his shoulder. He's from down south but he plays like a NYer.

I think Melo hould sit this one out. We stole one from Miami. It's a back to back. Chicago isn't beating teams with talent. They win with effort and defense. We can do that without Melo. It'll be an uphill battle but we crtinly can beat them. Felton and Chandler have to have big games. Especilly Chandler. Noah has been playing really well lately. It's funny because Steven A Smith was antng about how Melo SHOULD play nd how "He'd better play." Then after the game, he said "I saw him shooting arund and he couldnt even catch the ball." I was hoping Melo came from behind th amera and slapped him lol. There were some other ppl on ESPN questiong whethe Melo was trying to avoid LeBron. I was thinking like, Melo has averaged over 25 vs LeBron since he's been a Knick. WTF would he be avoiding LeBron for?


Impossible they said? They used to say the same thing about teaching women to read.

Wow you went all the way philosophical on that one lol I feel like watching Malcolm X all of a sudden lol
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