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Default Re: can the raps cash in on their assets?

Originally Posted by el gringos
You think teams that Bargnani fits are teams without post scoring presence or a team with Blake Griffen at pf?

Yes - I think barges would fit well with a team like the Clips; where Blake and D'Andrade score the majority of their points in the low post. I would think Barges would add a new element to that particular team i.e. rotating through the big man poisition with an outside shot - and also playing some 3 for mismatches.... seemingly they would be good enough to compensate for his RPG and "some percieved" d liability. I mean Barges playing at 3 would have to rotate on D to cover the opposite 4 and his one on one D has been said to be decent.

I think the clips is probably the best situation for Barges as the 6th man. I just dont know what they would send back - obviously a guard as they have about 400 of them.

As for the other teams i.e. with out a post man... I am suggesting those teams may have a need for a low post player AND the cap space if the right back dollars flow back and forth. Not sure that Barges is as good a fit.
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