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Default Re: What would the 72-10 Bull's record look like playing this year?

Originally Posted by KOBE143
If I remember, they almost lost to sixers lead by a rookie AI and that game MJ almost break his ankle guarding AI.. Imagine prime AI, DRose, Westbrook, CP3, Rondo, Irving, DWill, Wall etc. playing against them? They would send Harper and MJ into an early retirement becos of fk up ankle..

see, that's where you young guys err.

-yes, iverson crossed jordan once and hit a jumper and that's it.
-iverson had a great game but the bulls won.
-the bulls were 55-8 at that point, the sixers were 16-46

is there any indication that the sixers were the better team, or even in the same class than the bulls? the sixers and ai shouldnt be in the same league at that point and there is also no reason to believe that there has been any version of iverson and the sixers that would give the 96 bulls trouble.

john wall my ass...
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