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Don't let it bother you, and even less considering that you twisted your ankle.

When I was younger my team was top 3 in Sweden and we played a big tournament called Scania cup, it's a big tournament in Scandinavia and it's only for the best teams.

I was 14 at that time and we played against a team from Iceland and I had a great game and I had alot of family who watched the game so I was really nervous during the warm ups. The game was so intense and it was really tight and we were down by 2 points with like 30 seconds left and I got the ball in the post and I got hacked.

To this day I can remember who much I was shaking at the FT-line, I clanked both my FT's and we lost the game..

It really got stuck in my head and when I got called to the junior national team I almost declined it and I was even close to stop playing ball because after that game I was so nervous when I played and I felt so bad mentally. I got help and got through it.

Just be the man when you play and do your best, missing shots happens to everyone.
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