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Default Lebron, KG-Food for thought

With Lebrons hesitation in signing an extension with Cleveland, it's becoming more likely that he may want explore free agency down the line. With that being said, what if he decided to come to LA, along with KG when he becomes a free agent as well. That would give the Lakers three future hall of famers who came to the league directly from high school. Throw in Bynum and Kwame at center, assuming they are still around at the time, and you have a team full of high schoolers that would be promised the championship for years to come. The bottom line is that it would be a total slap in the face to David Stern and it would go to show how stupid the NBA age limit rule is. There always have and always will be players that will declare for the draft early, whether they go to college or not. This years draft was no exception as players who came out early were either drafted late or not drafted at all (Darius Washington Jr.). At the same time, there will be players who will continue to develop and be ready for the league after high school (Greg Oden). Just some food for thought. Comments?
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