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Default Re: We enterting a great age in New York

Originally Posted by franchize
Woodson isn't a great X's and O's guy but he is very talented in knowing how to get the most out of guys. Traits like that only come from being a guy of high character. He knows how to push buttons without being disrespectful or demeaning. That was the problem with Larry Brown. He's a great X's and O's guy but when it came to motivating his team, if guys didn't immediately "get it" he crossed the line when he preached his message. Woodson holds guys accountable. He puts his foot down when need be. He's blount about the task at hand and each player's shortcomings but he doesn't make them out to be failures in the least not so far. He lets guys know what they have to do to get better but he also makes it clear that he trusts them and is confident they can get their job done. That was my biggest problem with Larry Brown and George Karl.

I agree with Rameek about the whole "era" thing though. What we've done is just above a "stretch". Era is like the Patrick Ewing era. The Bernard King Era. The Clyde Frazier/Willis Reed/ Earl Munroe era. We are developing a trend of consistency about us though. Typically, we beat the teams we should and we always rise up to the occassion for the big games. We don't always win them but we always give max effort. That's the mark of a mature team.
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