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Default Re: 15 Games You All Will Probably Get (in 2013)

Originally Posted by rhythmic †hesis
Honestly, I bought Absolution, NBA 2K13, AC 3, Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 this year. I have never bought so few games. They were all great but nothing spectacular. Certainly none of them were on Skyrim, Uncharted 3 or Arkham City's level of 2011.

I've felt 2012 has been pretty strong, but that's mostly based on two games. Sleeping Dogs, which hit me out of nowhere, and while it may not have been perfect, it's been a long long time since I can recall buying a game off of a couple recommendations and enjoying it that much.

And ACIII, which I've not finished yet, but I've really enjoyed. In fact, put into 2011, it may be my favorite of the others. I got hugely into Skyrim, but it finally got too repetitive for me, and at that scope, I finally didn't finish it.
Arkham was awesome. But I feel like I prefer AC's more integrated side stuff to the admittedly great Riddler puzzles, but they're more like a puzzle game.
And Uncharted 3 which I loved, has the disadvantage of not being Uncharted 2.
It's a close call, but I feel like it's in the ballpark at least with those other three.

I also own Hitman, but haven't started it yet.

Is the Team Ico group finally going to release their game this year does anyone know?
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