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Default Re: Ebanks arrested today on suspicion of DUI

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Absolutely nothing to do with his DUI......guys who think differently are extremely naive as to the lives of pro athletes.
Ruining our brand someone said????? Hmmmm was he charged with rape
Was he charged with beating his wife or girlfriend??? Because those are far worse and no body lost any playing time over that. Wake up people!!!!

To an extent I get what freak is trying to say if you're paid like a professional then you must behave like one no questions asked. Ebanks isn't anywhere near being a all-star nor will he ever be one besides there's always alternatives to avoid getting charged with a dui and you and me both know ebanks failed to take any of the appropriate measure and that just reflects his decision making on the court as well. Ebanks is one track minded resulting in him being a 1 dimensional player and no D to keep him on the court which in comparison to Ariza had to keep his minutes.Who knows where his thoughts on this road will take him today it's dui tomorrow battery or domestic violence?
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