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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by MTing
The defense is pretty lack luster without Brook who is our anchor. Blatche couldnt handle David Lee. I think we messed up by trying to play the Warriors style (fast break, 3 point shooting, playing small ball) in the 2nd half. In the 1st we slowed the pace down and Joe got all his points on a half court offense. Avery realized small ball wasnt gonna cut it way to late. He put in Evans with 2 minutes remaining. Also Hump only played 23 minutes.
this is why i wish someone like zach lowe or rob mahoney could cover the nets full time. even charley rosen would be good. i'm sure there were lots of tactical adjustments being made back and forth the whole game, but as a fan (particularly with a crappy internet feed) it can be really hard to catch the details in the heat of the battle. but i love those articles that break individual plays down and talk about what players specifically did and how the other team adjusted and so forth. there's a buttload of such fine articles for MMA, but rarely that i know of for the NBA.
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