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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Damn, EG-TL got rolled. JYP looked like he was going to cry. I guess this is the best time in the season to get a wake up call if they were ever to get one. Obviously they just assembled and a few of their players didn't get much sleep, but I'm expecting some major improvement as the season goes on as they adjust.

Their veterans: Jaedong, Sea, and captain PuMa along with their coach needs to light a fire under all their asses if this loss didn't already do so. Break these guys out of their comfort zone and push them. Guys like Stephano, talented, but who think they can waltz in and do well without specialized preparation will hurt the team. Overall, even if they don't perform as they were hyped, this whole experience with proleague should make them better players in the long run, especially the foreigners. Looking forward to how they will respond in the next match up.
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