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Originally Posted by L3B120N J4M35
yeah homie dont sweat it. everybody misses clutch baskets. since everyone else is sharing their stories, i guess i will to aha.

Well, 8th grade year we're going against our rival at the High School (we were in middle school), and they were up 12-2 at halftime. my team came back and in the second quarter it was 11-13. My coach draws a play out of bounds and i ended up getting a three and making it. we then got another steal and i hit another three to seal the game. after that, my coach and teammates all called me clutch. well then, at this tournament we were down 3 with 3 minutes left. i was known as the closer just becuz of that game and i pulled up for three and hit it. then i missed probably 4 wide open three pointers to lose us the game. it was the worst feeling, but i overcame it and now all my friends only remember the one i hit. they forget all about the miss. so it dont matter like what rake said
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