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Default Re: Keeper trade help

Originally Posted by B-Easy8
9 Cat roto, with keepers and max and pace.

Im currently second, behind 1st by 0.5 points but have played 25 less games. I am in the top 3 in every category except assists and 3's where im second last in both cats.

My team:

Kyle Lowry
Pau Gasol
David West

We also have 2 IR spots and I have:
Anthony Davis

I was just offered Wade and Nash for Andy V and West. Those two would really help me with 3's and assists and it wouldn't really affect my keepers either. I can't see Andy keeping this pace and Wade's value is really low at the moment so this is probably the moment to strike.

My keepers so far are; Durant, Melo, Dirk, Dwight, Lowry, Davis, MKG and one of Pau, Andy V or potentially Sanders if he proves to be a rebounding and shot blocking machine. If I take the trade then Wade will be my last keeper.

What are your thoughts? Should I trade or not?
wade doesnt attempt many 3 point shots and nash is still 2 weeks away and even in the preseason, nash was ineffective at racking up assists with that team cus it usually turns into a hockey assist for him

varejao has been beasting every game and i would hold onto him...more valuable than wade and nash...
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