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I would put about a 90% probability that the Jazz are done with moves this off season. The Jazz have not pulled off a significant trade since Hornacek/J. Malone.

The Jazz are a very loyal and stable organization. The media here is so grateful to have a major league sports team that they exert almost zero pressure on the organization to perform, unlike situations in NYC and LA.

The Jazz do not want to give up a guy with Boozer's upside. AK is untouchable, Okur has been a real trooper and Harpring is the heart and soul of the team. Brewer is untouchable at this point, though I can put a near guarantee that he will be out of town in a couple of years. (Did you see his face at the draft party? It looked like he just heard that he had 30 days to live.)

The Jazz's pawns are below average and any thoughts of trading Collins or Giricek are ridiculous. Araujo is not going anywhere outside of the rocky mountain revue. If scrubs like that go out, they will be replaced by different, whiter scrubs.
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