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Default Re: We enterting a great age in New York

Originally Posted by franchize
What how did we jump all the other BS we went through and go str8 to blaming Isaiah and Marbury? What about the D'antoni era?

The truth is...the Isiah Thomas era will always be looked back as the low point for the Knicks. I'm not saying whether this fair/unfair to do but it is the era that sticks out most in peoples mind when they think about the low point for the Knicks.

You could argue D'Antoni was just as bad, which he just about was, but no one will remember that because alot of moves were made then that are benefitting the team today.

What positive impact is left over from the Isiah era today on this Knicks team? At least during D'Antoni's time here Walsh was around to get alot done.

Isiah Thomas has just been criticized way to much for people to consider other failures.
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