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Default Re: rt's best 101 PS3 & 360 games

Originally Posted by rhythmic †hesis
I never thought highly of BioShock until I gave it a chance. I absolutely love this game and it's one of the best storyline's of all-time (maybe the best).

It's an epic game and I can't wait for Infinite. BioShock 2 didn't impress me as much but was still a great game.

IMO, the original Bioshock ranks right up there at the top with a very few handful of others. The overall experience was paramount, and while it was a short 10 or so hours in total, I'm fine with that.

Quality > Quantity

I'm an RPG fanatic, so I "personally" put the 360's Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey ahead of Bioshock as far as "personally" enjoying them the most and getting the most out of the overall experience.

Many others share my opinion about Bioshock. The opinion that the original was a "must have" type of gaming experience, whereas the sequel just didn't measure up. I couldn't even finish the Bioshock 2 because I was so disappointed in how it compared to the original (it didn't compare, really).

I'd really need to sit down and go through all the games I've played, finished, completed, etc. in this gaming generation to really make a fair assessment of some 100 games... that's insane. Did you really beat, complete or whatever all those games you listed OP?
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