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Default Re: If Republicans soften the immigration message, is it over for Democrats?

Originally Posted by Nanners
bullshit they dont. here is a full list of the hundreds of tax breaks and subsidies available to oil and gas companies

thats fine by me, wind and solar are both becoming more and more viable by the day. at this very moment, germany currently generates 25% of their power from renewables, and can reach 50% or more on sunny days.

50% of new generation built in the USA last year was renewable. the future is coming hawker

You clearly don't know the difference between tax breaks and subsidies. They receive tax breaks just like ALL industries do. There's even a manufacturing tax break I believe that people count as O&G and Apple and Microsoft use it as well. Are we really counting the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Bill as an O&G tax break? Really?

And wind energy can only compete because of enormous tax breaks. Without them, they wouldn't exist.

And the future is coming? Yeah, no shit. It's funny how you think I'm some blood for oil/gas dude totally against new technologies. Again in 2050, all energy will still be majority O&G. I work in O&G because whether you like it or not, people need it. And I like it.

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