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Agree with others that this might not have been the best trade, but not horrible either.

Dirk's back soon and should be ~ Marc Gasol, but in different cats.

I have Rose stashed in deep leagues, but I think a more realistic projection is after the All-Star game, although some reports are that he might not play this season at all. Even though he's been cutting, they might decide to be cautious since he probably came back too early from injury last year.

For those free agents, I would grab either Nene or Vucevic.
-Nene hasn't been great but he is still healing from injury and should be the best of the bunch if he gets healthy.
-Vucevic has been inconsistent but has shown a lot of potential including some big games.
-Thompson is steady but probably has the least potential.
-McGee has the most potential but isn't getting any PT...
-Never been a fan of Hickson b/c he gives empty points/fg%, but little else.

If Sanders is still available, I would grab him. He's starting now and has been a beast on boards/blocks.
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