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Default Re: Lopez out vs. Warriors, maybe longer

Originally Posted by niko
Because last time he got hurt the Nets lied about his injury as to not say it was stress related.

He is definitely out tomorrow and iffy for Tuesday.
while i appreciate your efforts to be a catty trouble-maker as usual, i'm not worried about it. lopez did an agility workout today and said he's pain-free. the nets already said that they'd rather err on the side of caution in bringing him back, and i'm 100% cool with that.

i don't remember the exact circumstances of the injury last season, but it's not uncommon for injuries to be initially diagnosed as less severe than ultimately found to be. same with recovery periods. doesn't mean anybody "lied." AFAIK the nets org has been 100% class since prokhy bought it, and was a very classy org for years even before that...
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