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Default Re: OKC is unfairly stacked

Originally Posted by jdm_dc_fan
They are stacked. So stacked Russell should be averaging 10 APG.
Agreed. I want to see Russell putting up CP3 numbers. At least from an approach perspective.

Russ should be doing 18 ppg 6 rpg 10 apg 2 spg and Durant should be averaging 30 ppg. Westbrook's goal should be to get Durant over that 30 ppg mark.

I think then, and only then will they be a LEGIT champion.

Westbrook's decision making, and distribution is key. I still thought OKC was more frightening with Harden, because he is better than Kevin Martin.

We'll see what they do come playoff time, but yes there roster is stacked. They have shooters, defenders, scorers, playmakers, and enforcers.

They actually are probably the best built team in the league. The only team that can compete in terms of well rounded-ness would be the Knicks. They're just missing the enforcers part.

With a healthy Iman Shumpert, much like Thabo Sefalosha does for OKC, the Knicks can be pretty scary too.

I honestly wouldn't mind a Knicks v.s. Thunder Finals if it so happened.
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