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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: can the raps cash in on their assets?

Why do we all seem to believe that Bargs is an outside threat? I mean seriously think about it look at his averages theynare horrendous. i would much rather have Derozen, Lowry, Calderon, Pietrus on and on taking 3's before Bargnani. Bargs can shoot like nobodys business as we have all been painfully witnessing. one small problem is he is unable to shoot the ball in the basket which is required to score points and Casey keeps pretending that he can. Spacing?? I mean thats caseys explanation for playing Bargs at the 3pt line. its about time Casey took a look at our record and Bargs 3pt percentage and realized this game plan is not working.

Bargs needs to go and I think he has value to a team that will also believe he can spread the floor. theres a fool born every minute they say im crossing my fingers.

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