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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by Balla_Status
Manti Teo rode the Notre Dame hype to the heisman trophy presentation.

And his gf/grandma dying in the same day helped too. Heisman isn't a citizen's award. It's a best CFB player award.

Johnny Manziel will be in the NFL...I can agree about your QB sentiment but the dude can play football. Louisiana Tech recovered a fumble and ran it almost all the way back for a touchdown. Who chased him down? Johnny Manziel. He forced a fumble...a fellow LA tech recovered it and then Johnny tackled him down.

The play was ruled dead and the fumble never counted but still...he is Johnny Fucking Football for a reason.
Youc an say almost every Heisman finalist rode some sort of "hype" to the trophy presentation. Te'o anchored one of the best defenses in the nation who was also #1 and the only undefeated team in the country.

I don't give two shits about what Dat Nguyen did in 1998. He was a great player, and probably deserved more Heisman consideration, but that has nothing to do with 2012 and Manti Te'o.

And I didn't say Manziel wouldn't play in the NFL. I'm just not sure he's a surefire QB in the sense that he'll probably leave after next year or his junior year. He just feels like a four year player. I'm not denying his athleticism or how good he was, either.
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