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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by Balla_Status
Uhhhh Kansas State lost to fucking Baylor?

Who we beat last year in their BEST SEASON OF ALL TIME. Like we took them behind the shed and raped them with no lube.

And we're twice the team as last year thanks to Kevin Sumlin, KK and Johnny Manziel. (And Sherman I guess for the recruits but he sucked as a coach).

Texas is a joke.
We'll find out about OU.
The rest of Big 12 sucks.
What does Kansas State losing to Baylor have to do with what Texas A&M would've hypothetically done in the Big 12 this year? And didn't you go 6-6 last year? So that blowout win over Baylor last year means what?

You can sit here and say A&M would've gone undefeated or lost just once in the Big 12 all you want; and you can use a game from last year to bolster your argument. Still doesn't make it fact.

Originally Posted by Balla_Status
Just saying that "this" is the year a defensive player should win it is wrong. Teo wasn't the best playing in CFB.

Either way...Johnny Footbal is the Heisman Trophy win and is by far the most deserving player this year.

Can't wait for him to light up OU and the rest of the SEC next year.
I said this could've been the year a defensive player wins. I thought, for the first time in a long time, a defensive player had a very good case for the award. Manziel might be a better football player but, if we're going to go that route, then someone like Marqise Lee or Clowney are just as deserving as Manziel because they might be the two best football players in the country.

God I hope A&M goes back to being mediocre. I like Manziel and I really like Sumlin and their offense, because they were a lot of fun to watch this year; but you and the other A&M have become extremely annoying lately.
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