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Default Re: Lopez out vs. Warriors, maybe longer

Originally Posted by gigantes
so fans and woj got riled up over something that may or may not be true. big whoop. that's what fans and woj do. i follow the body of national writers and nets writers, including the most cynical of them, and do not recall anyone else making a case for the nets lying about lopez. show me the money.

next you're going to see something in a meme and try to get others upset over a 'troubling new trend'.

and it's prokhorov. and i've criticized the nets plenty over the years if you had actually been reading.
i don't know every opinion you have on the nets abut they lied 100% last year on the Lopez injury. That's just factual. He had a sprain in his foot, they x-rayed his foot and released to the press that he had a sprained ankle. They had knowledge of his foot injury 2 weeks prior and announced it only when it was outed. That's what happened. They were hoping it was not serious and would not need to disclose he had a second stress related injury.

And I'm a VC3 posted elsewhere when the nets said 2 games "they are lying, just like they lied last year". KiddlovesNets basically said "sure he is out only 2 games".

I have three teams i cheer for, and 2 of them regularly give bullshit injury info out. The Nets giving it out is not a troubling new trend, it's normal.
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