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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by millwad
I love Waldner, he was awesome and I loved playing TT when I was a kid so naturally I watched games as well and he's one of greatest of all-time!
very cool... and speaking as a tournament-level TT player, i don't think other people fully realised how nervous he got in big matches. that is, sometimes his incredible skills and his willpower won out, and sometimes his swedish cool fell apart. if you know what i mean. but winning the world championship once as a teenager and then winning it again 10 years later is probably the biggest accomplishment ever in that sport.

Regarding Borg, I don't really care about the guy, he played too long ago and the only time I come to think about him is when I go and shit or when I'm going to get laid....
wow... i'm quite sure that's the first and last time i will ever hear someone say that about poor old bur-EEE.
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