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Default Re: Mavs-Rockets 12/8

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
So he should have taken out Harden?

It'd be nice to see Lin allowed to handle the ball. They just stand around and watch Harden.
Yes, I am NOT a Lin fan, i am unbiased toward both players, but...

Harden played like shit in the 4th quarter, idc what his numbers say.

Lin played well in LIMITED minutes.

Lin and Douglas played VERY well together when Lin was the sg.

The Rockets lost a 10 point lead with like 3 mins left, with Lin in the game, the Rockets would have held on.

McHale is a dumbass, yeah, i understand the dude lost his daughter, but he doesnt have to take that out on the asian.

Get Sampson running the team, Harden didnt iso as much in his offense!
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