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Default Re: The Best Black Male Actors Alive (1-10)

Originally Posted by Tarik One
In order, regardless of popularity:

1. Morgan Freeman
2. Chiwetel Ejiofor
3. Denzel Washington
4. Don Cheadle
5. Forest Whitaker
6. Sidney Poitier
7. Giancarlo Esposito
8. Danny Glover
9. Laurence Fishburne
10. Samuel L. Jackson

Honorable mention:

Roger Guenveur Smith (Pretty much a black version of Gary Oldman)
Clarence Williams III
Ving Rhames

*No Will Smith. Sorry

Where's Yaphet Kotto? Where's Yaphet Kotto?! Where's Yaphet Kotto goddamnit?!!!! For that matter, where the fuck is Andre Braugher you dirty son of a bitch?!
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