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Default Re: Kevin Durant talks about modeling his game after Larry Bird

Originally Posted by Money 23
Did he miss the part about Bird's ridiculous court vision and passing ability?

I don't see him emulating that at all.

He didn't mention that, but he did mention about trusting in his teammates more often.

The only thing that he mention about Bird was his efficiency, taking what the defense gives you, and not forcing anything. Basically playing smarter on offense. He wants to join the 50/40/90 club.

I don't think he could emulate his passing and court vision ability. Those are very rare. I don't expect Durant to do that at all.

But from the Thunder fans, I heard his passing has improved and his rebounding improved. He also gives effort on defense. I dunno about his post ability. But Durant is great off the ball and spot up player. So, he is improving.
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