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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Scoooter
I couldn't watch the game. Wha' happened?
It was an ugly game,neither team shooting well. Knicks were tied with like 5 minutes to go but then the Bulls just excecuted better and won the game. Knicks only offense was high pick and roll with Felton and Chandler which resulted in Felton hoisting it up and bricking everything.
On the other hand Chicago actually had some nice plays (Noah open dunk,Deng open layup...) and that's where they created the separation.
Our defense wasn't good in the 4th quarter,mostly because of Tyson's foul trouble. We couldn't have got stops when we needed them and combined with a poor offensive performance led to a loss.

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Stop beating around the bush. Felton killed us vs Chicago. We should have been 3-0 on the road trip.

Felton is the reason we beat Miami. He kept us in game and builded a lead and then the teammates helped him to finish them off. Felton just isn't elite,you can't expect him to play terrific every night,especially when he needs to be #1 scoring option. I actually think he got some nice looks but he just couldn't put the ball in the basket.
I think J.R. was even worse. He took even more difficult shots than Ray and he got burned on defense. Deng was killing him which was crucial in the 4th.

By the way guys,James White seems like a solid pickup. Guy can ball. Solid at everything. I would like to see him getting more minutes,especially on back to back games.

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