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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball game thread

Originally Posted by RaininThrees
Not doubting you, but can you provide that direct quote? I've never heard/read this, and I'd find it odd a journalist would admit to such a thing.

I mean, I think it's obvious that in order to keep in touch with the team you cover on the daily you can't necessarily go 'all guns blazing' all the time (and I know Smith has a soft touch, relatively), but admitting something like that seems out of line for a past President of the Professional Basketball Writer's Association.

I will try to find it. He said it in a Star mailbag blog this summer. IIRC, someone had asked him if he was going to the Olympics, and he said no, because he needed to stay as close as possible to Colangelo.

So admittedly, he may well have meant something a little different (physically close), but I saw it as a Freudian comment that perfectly describes his attitude, and why there is no source outside the organisation that presents a more consistently pro-Colangelo view than Smith. You see writers all over the world in all kinds of sports that are unofficial mouthpieces for someone in charge of a team, and that is the role Smith has here.
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