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Default Re: Why didn't Bill Russell win the 1964 MVP?

Originally Posted by ThaRegul8r
If you did the research, you wouldn't have made a false statement in the first place.

But then again, I realize this is the internet, where no one can just admit when they made a mistake.

"All" means "all." 57 out of 57. Anything less is not "all." "Only 1-2 players have actually won the MVP having worse team record than top 4 best" is not "no player with worse team record than top 4 has ever won the MVP." No amount of rationalization to save face changes that, and it's ridiculous that one was even attempted rather than a simple, "I was mistaken."

But I don't care to continue this, as it's obviously pointless.

Sure, but i did not make a mistake (except for not explaining myself in the first post).... i meant that hypothetically, i explained to you why i said "all" or that no player with worse team record than top 4 has ever won the MVP as hypothetically it is true if you take a look above.....

Yes its technically not "all", but at the same time it is "all" hypothetically based on the huge majority of those players (almost 98% to be exact)... Out of the 57 MVP winners almost 56 had a top 4 team record, 49 had a top 2 record... only 1 had a notably worse record than top 4... and that was a very rare scenario where the team record was able to be overlooked for obvious reasons... a scenario that i doubt will ever be duplicated... and if that didnt happen me and you wouldnt be having this conversation right now unless you count Jordan 1987-88 (3 wins away from #4 best team record).... It is by majority "all" and hypothetically "all".... understand?

If you still dont understand then sure lets agree to call it a "false statement" because technically it indeed is.... but if we agree to that then that means me and you both ignore all context and agree to this statement: "You can win the MVP even if you have the 8th best team record".... which is actually logically incorrect if you look at ~56 out of those 57 MVP winners and consider HOW/WHY that 1 player won it by having only the 8th best team record and how/why nobody else was able to do so (and probably nobody ever will in the future), hence my "false statement" though technically indeed being false is actually more logically correct...

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