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Default Re: Why didn't Bill Russell win the 1964 MVP?

Originally Posted by pauk
Because Oscar Robertson averaged a 31 point triple double (well, almost, 9.9 rebs, what a slacker) while carrying his team to the 2nd best record in the NBA (4 wins less than Russell).... and he had much less to work with around him than Russell.... The previous seasons Oscar had nowhere near that team success, if he had he would have snatched those MVPs from Russell aswell because lets face it, Russell had a much better supporting cast and produced overall worse than Oscar....

This one was very easy....

If you look back at all MVP winners in NBA history they had 2 things incommon:

1. They all had one of the 2-4 best team records in the NBA, team success is #1 MVP criteria, no player with worse team record than top 4 has ever won the MVP, not even if that player averaged a 50 point quadruple double (its unfair i know, but clearly your performance HAS to translate to wins and if it doesnt, then you aint MVP)
2. They all were one of the top players in the NBA and best players in their teams, doh

MVP is then picked out of those teams (best player out of those teams), based on his productions and most importantly WHAT THE PLAYER HAD TO WORK WITH AROUND HIM compared to those other 2-3 candidates....

My point is that if you ever question some MVP seasons then try to think about this, you will find out that any player who ever won the MVP was always the correct choice...
I've been intrigued for long time about Jordan winning MVP the year Pip showed up.

My opinion is Pippen had some kind of mental effect on Mike.

Like Lennon meeting McCartney
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