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Default Re: The Knicks style of basketball is not going to work in the playoffs

Originally Posted by rmt
That's why I suggested getting Rasheed in shape. He CAN score from the post (when he puts his mind to it) and together with Amare will keep Bosh occupied. Carmelo just needs to get Lebron to expend some energy on the defensive end so he has less for the offense. That'll cut down on the Heat's 3pt shooting and force Wade to pick up the slack.

He's one of the greats no question - meaning Rasheed W.

anthony is bad news no matter how I add it up. The single best thing the Knicks can do is dump him. At any price.

The greatest thing to happen for the League lately was Linsanity. And precisely as I predicted, it was nobody but Anthony that dismantled it, killed it, ruined it, wrecked it, and made sure he also got rid of the coach that was building it.
Deliberate or unconscious, that was pure sabotage of a teammate and a coach.
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