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Default Re: I know it's way too early, but let's get some "YES" and "NO" ^ in here already.

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
Good Lord, I hope I didn't jinx us. We've lost SEVEN in a row! Granted, we have played some stout competition:

VS a very dangerous Philly team right now
VS Portland (underrated)
VS New York Knicks
@ Milwaukee
VS TD's boys (Spurs) - best team in the league right now

We desperately need to put together a run to help offset this disheartening seven consecutive L's. We need to prove we're not just a streaky squad, but that we're capable of winning on any given night.

We should have won the Portland and the Knicks games. Given more experience the team won't make the same 4th quarter mistakes. We played well against Philly and Atlanta. The Spurs game was understandable. The only really poor performance was against Milwaukee.

It doesn't get any easier this week with Golden State on Mon, LA Clippers on Wed and at Atl on Thurs.

If it's any consolation remember that the cats lost 9 straight right around this time of year during the 2009-2010 season and finished 7th in the conference.

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