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Default Re: Gasol as backup Center

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Its not a bad idea when you think of how much better it would make both, Jamison and Pau.

Jamison fits better in the starting lineup because he is more of an outside scoring forward. His numbers have been impressive. You are right though. I think trading Pau is better than ordaining him official 6th man.

But remember one thing, most of us didn't think it would be a great idea to bring Odom off the bench. After a while, he thrived in that role.

its not fair to compare LO with Pau....

you have to look at the scenario when you are thinking of if its good or bad for him and the team.

LO was coming off the bench but playing starter mins and finishing the game.

Pau's case:
Mike D wants to space the floor thats the reason he wants pau to come off the bench. What does this mean? it means pau will not start the game and he will not finish the games neither. cause Mike D wants floor spacing

you cant do that for a guy that skilled.
Howard plays 35-38 mins every game. That leaves Pau with 12-15mins of change at the Center position. and say he plays 15 mins with thats only 30 mins for a guy like pau.

Pau's confidence: if you bench him his confidence is going to get shot. i dont care how good you effects you when they tell you, you dont fit in the system...

Remember Pau is the same guy who almost by himself gave the loss to USA in the olympics...he had Ibaka and Marc playing along with him. its the Coach's job to make a system that fits his players...not be stubborn and ask the guy to camp at the 3point line...

Pau from the bench is not going to please delete this thread and the idea from your head and put it in trash
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