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Default Re: How is Andre Drummond doing?

Originally Posted by Asiantastic
He's coming off the bench and getting very limited minutes each game.

It really bothers me because the Pistons should be using this season to develop his skills rather than limiting them.

Maxiell has been playing solid next to Monroe in the starting lineup, but I personally think that the Pistons should put Drummond at the 5 and push Monroe to the 4.
I wouldn't necessarily agree with the suggestion that he's seeing very limited minutes each game. Detroit definitely brought him along slowly through the first five to ten games of the season. He had one game early where he played less than ten minutes. From the looks of it, Drummond really wasn't entirely up to NBA speed. Even now, I'm not sure he completely understands everything he's supposed to be doing on the court (and when). Well, maybe it's not a lack of understanding. I just mean it looks like he's still trying to get the feel of everything.

Either way, he's averaging over 20 minutes a contest over his last ten games and during that time he's been putting up numbers of 7 points per, 8 boards, and 1.4 blocks. Offensively, he's probably rawer than a rookie Dwight Howard. The majority of his points come off of putbacks and dunks - either off the alley or otherwise. He does not get any strategic looks in the post at this point because it doesn't look like he really knows what to do down there. His offensive role right now is to set screens and battle on the boards, for which he's done an outstanding job.

Drummond is a huge guy and I don't know what the future holds, but in terms of rebounding and blocking shots, it feels like he could end up being among league leaders in each category as he develops. He had 9 offensive rebounds against Cleveland last week and often, it just seems his height, reach, and hops give him opportunities to engulf rebounds before anyone else gets a chance.

I think it's clear and obvious that Drummond is a starter in waiting. I'm betting it'll happen sooner than later. A part of me likes things how they are right now though, as I'm not sure Maxiell could provide the same energy off the bench or not (I'm kind of afraid of messing with how well Max is doing in the starting spot). I think some of it is going to be a matter of how Drummond's stamina improves as the season wears on. People talk about his minutes, but I'm not really sure how much time he can handle right now. About 10 days ago I recall watching a game where he just about conked out on the floor in the middle of play during an up-and-down stretch. He had a makeable defensive play he could have made, but his body and wind wouldn't let him.

And I don't say that as criticism. I understand he's 19 and has never experienced this type of basketball flow, I'm just saying stamina's not automatic, so he's not really in position as we speak to be snagging huge minutes every single night. That said, he played 30 minutes a few games ago and looked pretty solid throughout, so maybe it's coming along quicker than I thought.
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