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Default Re: How is Andre Drummond doing?

Originally Posted by Asiantastic
Yeah, I see your point. But I'm just saying that the Pistons should really be playing him more. He's young, has so much potential and if the Pistons really want to build a front court around him and Monroe, then the Pistons should definitely give them more time together.

I agree that his offense is very raw. He's basically playing like Tyson Chandler now with all the putbacks and lobs he's getting but I still believe he could develop a post game sooner or later. He just needs a mentor and probably more playing time.

I honestly just expected him to get more minutes than ~20 because he was a relatively high pick. I also want to see the core of Knight/Monroe/Drummond develop together. 4-5 years in the future, I have a feeling that this team with that core will do very well.
I feel you, and that time will come. On one hand, he was a top ten pick, but on the other hand, he's probably the most inexperienced player selected in the lottery.

He's made great strides very early on this season but from watching him from the first game of the preseason on forward, I have not yet had a feeling he was just flat out ready to be let loose. I am comfortable with the manner with which they're bringing him along. I think some rookies have the benefit of basically being told, "Alright, guy, we're throwing you out there, let's see what you got" while Drummond's been more of a situation of, "Alright, guy, you want it? Then earn it, and we were reward you accordingly." It's kind of like he's playing NBA 2K13 MyPlayer right now. He's making solid steps every single day and subsequently, his role is continually improving.

Basically, his minutes are only going to continue to increase. They probably would have risen quicker had Jason Maxiell not come out this season playing the best basketball of his life. As a coach, it's not always right to squash out someone who's playing great just for the sake of letting an unproven rookie run free.
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